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There are many ways we could help your organisation in supporting your core business through efficient Facilities Management function. Below are few common packages usually needed by many business or property owners. These packages can be delivered independently or combined, based on the client’s actual needs. We shall first assess the client’s core business operations before we suggest suitable packages or solutions.

Training & coaching

If you are have your own team managing FM services (in-house or for your client), you would probably want to improve their knowledge and skill that are vital in FM field in order to ensure they are doing the right things with the right resources. You may also want a direct coaching from us until your team is on 'auto-pilot' mode!

Defects Management

Your buildings are ageing and there are so many defects and unplanned breakdowns despite huge sum of money spent. Let us create a 'baseline' and help you to plan for the next step. We conduct the audit on the buildings and propose remedial and improvement measures, so the buildings can serve your business better. For new buildings, we also provide Defects Liability Management services by assisting your team to better manage the construction defects.

Strategy & Budgeting

Budgeting could be a sure-failure task. You could have allocated an 'ample' budget but still have emergency budget to be approved. FM budget is not merely looking at last year's expenses history and add some percentage for the next year's budget. It is an overall strategy, based and linked to your core business' needs. No one size fits all.

Outsourced Managing Agent

If you prefer to have direct contracts with multiple service providers instead of engaging a one-stop FM service provider, you shall either establish your own management team or engage an outsourced FM agent. Our package is flexible, ranging from short-term (for the purpose of knowledge transfer) or long-term services. We shall help  you in managing the service delivery and report the contractors' performances to you on a periodical basis.

Contract Performance

For an outsourced FM services, it is important that the client enjoys the 'value' out of it. While outsourcing will allow you to focus on  your core business, it also leaves the outsourced tasks 'at the mercy of the contractors'. While avoiding micro-management, you also want a sufficient control on the outsourced services. Let us help you on creating the balance and establishing the right KPI that your team would be able to monitor without going too deep into the contractor's technical parameters.


Whether your organisation has an in-house or outsourced FM services agents or contractor, you may be guessing whether your organisation is doing the best practices to support your core business, or merely a copy-paste practice from previous or other organisations. In this case, you need a third-party FM Assessment. Assessment will involve the overall organisational structure, budgeting & outsourcing strategy, maintenance practice and other technical and management elements.

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