We build our business based on the core understanding that Facilities management is an "organizational function which integrates people, place and process within the built environment with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business."

(ISO 41011:2017)​

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Avancer FM Services Sdn Bhd is incorporated with the awareness that there are increasing needs of business owners and organisations for consulting and advisory services in the area of Facilities Management (FM). Undeniably, FM is an integral function of a business or organisation where the performance of FM will affect the achievement of their goals in terms of ensuring smooth core business processes, as well as optimising costs in FM services including building maintenance and other related support services. We thrive to be a prominent consulting and training provider in the field of Facilities Management in Malaysia and the region. Below are among our services:

  • Advisory & Consulting
  • Training & Coaching
  • Policy / Manual / SOP
  • PFI Advisory
  • Contract Performance / KPI
  • Building Condition Assessment
  • Operations Startup / Takeover / Handover
  • Defects Liability Management
  • Operations Costing & Budgeting
  • Facilities Continuity Planning
  • Design Maintainability Review
  • Seminar / Conference
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Our team is very experienced in the field of Facilities Management.



We provide technical and non-technical solutions for your Property.


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Our solutions are business-oriented, aligned with your business goals.

Meet Our Team
Key Consultants

Despite its new and humble beginning, Avancer FM Services Sdn Bhd’s is driven and supported by experienced team. Our team has had their hands on various clients from Government and private sectors.

Mazhar PNG
Principal Consultant / Founder
Mohd Mazhar Mohd Marzuki

Bachelor's Degree (Engineering) and MBA (Facilities Management). Over 20 years of technical, management and condition assessment experience in the built-environment, especially high-rise buildings. A  Registered Property Manager and Certified Facility Manager.

Ir Wan Mohd Nasbi
Associate Consultant
Ir. Wan Mohamad Nasbi Wan Mohamad

Professional Engineer with more than 25 years of experience in project planning, development and management. Holds Bachelor's Degree (Engineering) and MBA (Construction Business) and a Qualified Person (Water & Sanitary) under the Malaysian water authority.

Director of Technical
Azmi Abu Bakar

Over 20 years hands-on experience in the field of Mechanical and Electrical with the emphasis of work inspection, testing and condition assessment of building systems and installation.

Kuan pic
Associate Consultant
Kuan You Wai

Over 20 years hands-on experience in contracting repair work in concrete repair, waterproofing, cracking, leaking, plumbing with Professional Certification in mould and concrete remediation. He is also a rare expertise in Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection in dampness and concrete.

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